It so happens many a times that you are confused and unable to make a decision, At such times just follow what your heart tells you.  It is pure consciousness and it can never deceive you.

People from all quarters of life will give you a dozen advices, they may even snap relations if you dont listen to them, but be strong and calm and just listen to your heart and go by it.  Being calm in the midst of a storm helps you take the right decision.

Never to take decisions hurriedly or in anger for such decisions will make you repent later . The seriousness of the problem doesn’t matter. It is how you react to it that matters.





Today is 8th March 2013, the International Woman’s Day…….Since morning ,I must have received umpteen messages from friends & acquaintances…….I was delighted as well as a bit dejected ,too…….

Yes, today has been declared as our day…..I can go on a shopping spree as many outlets ve offered huge discounts…I can gorge on all the delicious dishes offered by many restaurants..1 +1 free ……Very strange, isn’t it ? Today we ,as women are pampered ,respected & showered all the love, affection & care by one & all……It made me think..”Why only this day ? Why not on all the days, isn’t it ?”…..

We are an integral part of the society….If only, we are loved ,in the same manner,all throughout the year, it would make a lot of difference….There will be a sharp decrease in gender discrimination at home & work places, there will be a sharp decline in the number of rape cases ,there will be much lesser uneducated & unemployed women & much more…..

If women are educated & respected, the family ,too will imbibe the same qualities ,as children spend more time with their mothers….By educating one woman, we are educating one entire family……What a difference it would make ….By respecting a woman, we are giving due respect to the entire family in society…..

Women can become better leaders & can contribute in a much better way towards the progress of the nation & world……Women ve all the qualities in them like, the willingness to listen, the patience to understand,the strength to support & a lovely heart to love & care……

So, why not celebrate each day as Woman’s Day ? What a lovely place the world would be to live in ….Isn’t it ?


“When there is a hill to climb,don’t think that waiting will make it smaller….”

” Be concerned with living wide than living long….”


I heard You had come

I left everything and rushed home

To be with You.


To spend some joyous moments

Just the two of us

Sipping the cup of love & passion

Watching the world

Your beautiful creation

Slowly pass by


Discussing Life of Bliss & Joy

And many unpleasant happenings too

Of corruption, scams & violence

I, reminding You of being

Very unjust & unfair to some


All these leading to small arguments

I confronting You

Asking for an explanation

Cajoling You to unfold

The strange mysteries of Your Creation


You,unperturbed,by my anguish

Give a smile, just an assuring smile

Lighting up everything around


Soaking in Your warmth

So Pure & Divine

Wrapping this small world of mine

In Your Arms

Inhaling the Fragrance of Your Love


A transient Divine Light passing thro’

Experiencing a feeling of Oneness

Floating in the air

I surrender ,…….merging myself

Completely with You.

My life

I accept you as you’re.

I love you 
for that fraction of joy
you’ve gifted me.

I love you
for all the sorrows
you’ve bestowed on me.

I love you 
for the little comforts
you’ve given me.

I love you
for all the hardships
you’ve made me face.

I love you for the few 
lovely friends & dear ones
you’ve given me.

I ve no grievances
nor do I expect 
anything more from you.

You may be different to many
but for me you’re
very precious & dear.

I cannot, but think of you
’cause I too,care
and adore you MY LIFE.